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Students progress


Lerose Dalisorios    Philippines

I’m Lerose Dalisorios, 33 yrs of age….I’m from Philippines province of Agusan del sur….I’m only graduated my secondary education due of financial problem….I’m working as a saleslady in a dress shop her in Trento Agusan del sur, working 12 hours every day, low money…I join in this University site coz I want to change my life…now its a dream come true…it happens now…..if you want to change your life too get your education today…I only started with smartphone…Sir Theo helps me remonstrating my first business.

I have already learned how to help people starting up a business, how to build a trustfully relationship with them..

The only need in a business is listening, be patience and learn how to get the clients trust for your business or company…and always think positive to achieve your goals in your life (set target and time)

now I am graduated tho second level marketing skills,
If you want that I teach you these skills….??

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